Strategies For Moving To A Foreign Country

If you’re planning to pick up and move to another country, there are many things that you’ll need to do to prepare before you’re ready for the trip. It’s easy to forget some pretty major things during this time because it’s so exciting, and quite frankly, there’s just so much to remember. Follow along as we hit on the highlights—those things you can’t leave home without.
Don’t Forget Voltage Converters
The United States and Canada use a 100 volt electric currency rate, but many other countries use higher rates of 220 volts or even 240 volts in some situations. If you want to take all of your appliances with you, you’ll have to find voltage Converters so that they’ll work in your new country. In some instances, you might need more than a voltage adapter—you will probably also have to purchase Foreign Plug adapters. The sockets in other countries are shaped differently, and these adapters will insure that you’ll be able to plug in your appliances. It’s important to remember these things, or you’ll end up in your new country without a blow dryer, hot pot or an iron!
Don’t Forget Your Financial Information
It’s important as you transition to another country that you carefully organize all of your financial records and decide what you want to do with your balances and accounts. For instance, will you keep your current bank account and simply use an ATM in the new country to withdraw funds? How will make deposits? Do you need to set up automatic deposits before you leave? In other words, carefully think through everything as it relates to your financial life, and make sure that you take all of your important papers and documents with you.
Don’t Forget Your Medical Records
If you’re in the habit of keeping your medical records at your doctor’s office, be sure to contact them and ask for them so you can take them with you. It won’t be easy for your doctor to transfer your records to a new doctor in an entirely different country. What’s more, be certain that you’re informed about all of the various vaccinations that might be required for you to enter into the new country. Each country has different requirements, so be sure to check before you go.
By making sure that you have these important things—voltage Converters, international adapter plugs, your financial information and medical records—you’ll insure a smoother transition to your new country.

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